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All Systems Go!

We thought we’d provide you with some pointers to help you get prepared for the chilly temperatures at the Inaugural Le Dîner en Blanc Austin this Saturday evening! While we will have heat lamps on-site, we still encourage you to be as prepared as you possibly can.

Hand Warmers are super convenient and can fit in your gloves, shoes, etc. You can buy them at Walmart or Target, and they typically come in packs of two. Thermals, are really good at keeping you insulated, as well as wool socks. Hats and scarves are always an option, as well as ear muffs and/or gloves.

Several guests who have previously attended a Dîner en Blanc in another city, suggested dressing in layers. Keep in mind….there is an art to properly layering. The base layer (closest to your skin) should be thin and comfortable. Its main purpose is to ‘wick’ sweat away from your skin. Choose two-ply cotton for warmth and comfort. The middle layer (or layers, depending on how cold it is) should focus on warmth. Lightly woven wool is a good bet. Try to wear something that zips down the front, so you have the option to unzip if you start overheating. Finally, the outer layer should be your first line of defence against the elements – we’re talking wind-proof jackets and the like. A zippered jacket/coat would be ideal, so you can stay flexible in all weathers.

Your Host Team is not expecting you to “break the bank” in preparation for this event, so if you’re not able to purchase the previously listed items, we encourage you to think smarter, not spend harder! Do you have leggings that can be worn under your all white attire, unnoticed? Instead of purchasing new wool socks, can you layer up 1-2 pair? Keep in mind that despite the weather, you are still expected to wear all white. MINIMAL gold and silver accents are the only additional colors allowed. Please govern yourselves accordingly.

Lastly, you should have received an email confirmation from your event registration. If you can not locate that email, follow these easy steps to access the information online. Be prepared to provide these printed confirmations at event check-in.

  1. Log on your Member Page via the platform.
  2. Select the ‘Store’ Icon in the menu near the top pf the page. (HINT: It looks like a shopping bag.)
  3. Click on the ‘View Purchase/Receipt Link’.
  4. Underneath the ‘Invoices’ Section, you should see a list of all of your transaction made via the online platform.
  5. In the column furthest to the right, click on the word ‘OPEN’.
  6. Your confirmation should appear.
  7. Print atleast one copy of each confirmation.

We hope all of this helps! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

See you Saturday!

Le Dîner en Blanc Austin Host Team

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1 comment

Rhonda B.
2 year ago
The Austin Diner en Blanc was Fun! I really like the mix of music and vibe. Looking forward to a 2nd Year!
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